Overview of Website Design Cost

The cost of building a website can vary greatly depending on many factors that are often not considered when selecting a website designer. The selection and use of a site may be dependent on the type of use that the business owner wishes to give to visitors to the site or to staff within their business.


Many business owners decide to have a website designed without a real vision of what the end function of the website will be. Or, they may see the website in a draft form and make changes regularly as they change their minds on what the website should convey to its visitors. For this reason many website designers have a basic fee for the project and an open ended fee structure for any changes that are made to the website during its design.


By having a clear vision and some examples of the type of website they want to have designed a business owner can reduce many of the extra fee involved in a ecommerce website cost. There are two platforms that are used for most businesses on which websites are designed. If a business owner is using their site for advertising and content there will be little need for interaction with customers. These sites do not require a platform that automatically updates or interacts with customers.


A dynamic platform is more complex and will require the web designer to also have expertise in programming and web development. The dynamic platform is designed using a database from which information is pulled and laid on templates. This information is automatically updated by the system and requires little intervention or adjustment by developers following its installation.


While the majority of layouts for websites fall into six categories a web designer will alter the layout to meet the needs of the business. If a dynamic platform is employed the web developer will create templates that may resemble the static pages of a website but will have the versatility and mobility of the dynamic system.


Web designers are usually employed by businesses on a contracted basis following completion of a design. After the initial ecommerce website cost has been paid there will still be times when the services of a web designer will be required. This is especially true if there is no staff member in the business who can manually update the static website.


When a business is going to use a dynamic website it is important that the company they choose have both a website developer and website designer on the team. The expertise and knowledge of these individuals is diverse and a great necessity when building an effective website that will flow seamlessly and be user friendly.